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Aussenansicht - Hotel Hahnenklee im Harz
Enjoy your stay in the Harz

Haus Vier Jahreszeiten im Hahnenklee am See

Hahnenklee - 3-star superior holiday in the Harz

In the middle of the Harz, opposite the „Kurhaus“ Hahnenklee and the idyllic lake, our 3-star superior hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is located in Hahnenklee and offers everything for both single travelers and families.

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Holidaying with your dog

Owners and dogs feel extremely comfortable in the health climatic city of Hahnenklee. The Harz mountains all around the Hahnenklee-Bockwiese offer various different hiking routes such as the Liebesbankweg, themed hikes and guided tours. Dogs are welcome in many guesthouses and destinations in the region.
The 12 Upper Harz lakes, the old town of Goslar and the Rammelsberg ore mine are UNESCO Word Heritage Sites. The Gustav-Adolf stave church is also well worth seeing. Constructed completely out of wood in 1907/1908 according to the model of Norwegian churches. To date, it is the most impressive building of the centre of ecclesial life and a popular wedding location.

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In the eastern Harz region lies the certified therapeutic spa region of Hahnenklee-Bockswiese. It is much loved by hikers and bikers. Hahnenklee is home to the Gustav Adolf Church, a Norse stave church built entirely out of wood in 1907/1908. Hahnenklee was also made known by composer Paul Lincke. The idyllic and historic town centre in Grumbach invites visitors to stop and pause for a while. The Bocksberg cable car climbs to a height of 726 metres, a starting point for hiking and seven biking trails. The network of mountain bike routes includes downhill, freeride and single trails.

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A circular route with premium distinction: On a route of seven kilometres, the Liebesbankweg takes you through various different cultured landscapes of the Harz. 25 uniquely designed benches on the topic of love and marriage provide resting places in romantic locations or even with magnificent views across the forelands of the Harz mountains. This is where time seems to stop.
The Liebesbankweg surprises you with numerous small places of interest such as the five poetry rocks, the wedding anniversary benches or the source of love. Along the route you will find a few forest restaurants and the lakes of the UNESCO world heritage site of the Upper Harz Water Management System.


Bocksberg in the Hahnenklee-Bockswiese district of the historical city of Goslar in Lower Saxony offers many activities for children and adults in the summer as well as in the winter. The adventure mountain can be reached with the Bocksberg cable car or with the chair lift. The observation tower and the adjacent restaurant, Bocksberghütte, invite you to stay and enjoy the area. Children can also let off steam on the large trampoline or slide tower. Fast-paced fun is offered by the summer and winter toboggan run as well as numerous attractions such as the Hahnenklee biker park, the Bocksberg carts and the breath-taking bagjump.

Stave church

Unique in its construction and equipment, the Gustav-Adolf church in Hahnenklee Bockswiese is striking. The beautiful church was built completely out of wood in the style of a Norwegian stave church in 1907/08. The chapel has an impressive interior and its special feature is a four octave carillon (glockenspiel). Personal tours are possible following registration. Concerts and readings regularly take places in the popular wedding church. Since 2003 the Hahnenklee foundation under the patronage of Prof. Thomas Quasthof has supported the unique cultural centre of the city.

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Hahnenklee mountain bike

Hahnenklee is the perfect starting point for organised mountain bike tours. The community is the start and destination location of two intermediate and one difficult mountain bike route around the Bocksberg through to the highest summit of the Harz.
The bike park is recommended to all bikers that love speed. On a total of seven routes, bike fans ranging from beginners to professionals can find everything that their heart desires. High quality tours and mountain bikes, e-bikes as well as monster bikes wait for enthusiastic bikers all year round and a modern chair lift system enables a quick and comfortable ascent to the to


Goslar in the northern Harz welcomes you with a magnificent historical market square, whose house 6 has a melodious glockenspiel in the gable. The museum and the exhibition mine portrays the history of the Rammelsberg mining industry. The Upper Harz Water Management as a typical pre-industrial energy supply system is a well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz), under Henry III, houses the heart of the emperor in the palace chapel. The Mönchehaus Museum for modern art is worth a visit, just like the Hall of Hommage (Huldigungssaal) in the Town Hall and the museum in the dungeon.

Discover the Harz

Hiking in Goslar has something special offer with the Liebesbankweg: an experience with 25 wooden wedding anniversary benches. Rocks with poems and the well visited water playground are a few other highlights. The Klosterwanderweg [monastery hiking route] in the Harz helps the soul draw strength from the natural paths between the Grauhof Drübeck, Ilsenburg and Wendhusen monasteries in Thale. The Harzer Försterstieg starts in Goslar and ends in Riefensbeek-Kamschlacken near Osterode The Harz Witches’ Trail takes you right across the Harz mountains over approximately one hundred kilometers. Harzhöhe is an inviting location with a panoramic view across the Harz mountains.

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